Hudson candidate profiles: Shawn Sadowski – Select Board

Shawn Sadowski is running for a seat on the Select Board.

HUDSON – Hudson is gearing up for its 2021 municipal elections on May 10. As voters get set to head to the polls, the Community Advocate has zeroed in on contested races for prominent bodies like Board of Selectmen and School Committee.

The Community Advocate reached out to candidates who filed paperwork to appear on their town’s ballot and asked them to submit a personal statement as well as answers to three specific questions.

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I’m 47, born and raised, proud member of Hudson.  I attended Hudson Public Schools.  Throughout my childhood I was involved with youth sports, the Boys Club, local church, and Scouts.  I’m the Safety Coordinator and machinist for a Hudson company.  I’ve been an night school educator, waiter, bartender, and junior manager for a restaurant.

I’m a member of the Hudson Finance Committee and was on the Packard Street Reuse Committee

I consistently attend Select Board meetings. I felt my voice didn’t matter. This, along with the issues I feel Hudson is facing, is why I’ve decided to run for office.


What do you see as the most important issues facing Hudson today?

Timely and fiscally sound budgets.

Clean water and manageable rates for water and sewer.

Public safety staffing issues.

Continued road repair.

Improved communication between the Select Board and the public.

Infrastructure issues.

Both Parent and Durant, whose terms expire this year, have declined to run for re-election.  That will mean that whichever candidates win this race will arrive at the Select Board as newcomers.  What will you bring to the board?

I will bring my experience through my profession and as a current member of the Finance Committee for the Town of Hudson.  I am excellent at problem solving.  I will encourage relationships with residents and business owners to ensure issues are heard and resolved.  I will work with all department heads to make certain issues are resolved in a timely fashion. I will encourage the Board to listen to the people who elect those positions and not dismiss community concerns.

Is there anything else you want voters to know about you as a candidate?

I am currently a 3-year volunteer member of the Hudson Finance Committee.  I am also an appointed member of the Packard Street Reuse Committee.  I’ve been in manufacturing for 31 years where quality control and safety are a part of my job. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my wife, two children, and two grandchildren. I also enjoy spending time on my motorcycle when it doesn’t conflict with my responsibilities as a parent, husband, employee, and my volunteer services for the town.

I’m running because of my past negative experiences as a citizen with the current Select Board while discussing an issue that concerned many citizens.  I felt dismissed, as if they couldn’t be bothered with the concerns of the citizens.  I want the public to feel their voice matters. I will do what’s in my power to ensure all citizens have a fair voice.