Northborough candidate profiles: Vikram Verma – Board of Selectmen


Northborough candidate profiles: Vikram Verma – Board of Selectmen
Vikram Verma is running for a seat on the Board of Selectmen. (Submitted photo)

NORTHBOROUGH – Northborough is gearing up for its 2021 municipal elections on May 11. As voters get set to head to the polls, the Community Advocate has zeroed in on contested races for prominent bodies like Board of Selectmen, Planning Board, and School Committee.

The Community Advocate reached out to candidates who filed paperwork to appear on their town’s ballot and asked them to submit a personal statement as well as answers to three specific questions.

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I am interested in using my time for the service of the community of Northborough which has enabled me to nurture my family during the last 14 years. To that end I am running for Selectman in the Town of Northborough. I believe in sustainability, fiscal responsibility, following the science and being kind to nature and the environment. I think that my fair and balanced approach to issues will help in realizing the immense potential that Northborough has to offer.


What do you see as the most important issue(s) facing Northborough today?

While speaking with the residents of Northborough, I understand the following to be some major issues that the town is facing:

i) Sustainable growth – balancing the need to support new businesses by leveraging our geographic location but at the same time preserving our small-town atmosphere.

ii) Fiscally responsible decision making – balancing the need for revenue through attracting sustainable businesses without increasing tax burden on residents and businesses.

iii) Safe growth – Keeping our physical resources and safety of town population intact as we look to attract new businesses.

iv) Downtown – Develop a downtown where our community can gather to support our business community and enjoy what they have to offer.

v) Infrastructure – Continue to promote and endorse quality education through fiscally supporting the schools, improve infrastructure such as the fire station and septic system.

What will you bring to the Board of Selectmen if (re-)elected?

Professionally, I have been helping the medical device industry to ensure compliance with federal and international regulations, so those devices are safe for the public. As a result, I have been trained to follow the science, be detail oriented, and ask the experts difficult questions as a lay person but at the same time support business needs while ensuring the public good. I intend to bring the same sensibility and professionalism to the issues facing our community.

Is there anything else you want voters to know about you as a candidate

I do not come to you with a predetermined agenda. I come to you with an open mind and commitment to generally apply my skill set to diligently do the best that I can for the town of Northborough. I hope to be your trusted partner and seek your vote in support of my endeavor. Please feel free to contact me at  or by email at [email protected]com