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Passion for Personalized Care

Concierge Physical Therapy opening new location in ShrewsburyBy Vicki Greene, Contributing Writer

SHREWSBURY – Concierge Physical Therapy owner Dr. Sean Lordan and his team have treated thousands of patients in Lordan’s Sutton office since 2018 using a unique approach of both the latest technology and individualized plans with a focus on the “whole person.” 

As a result of the growing need for physical therapy services at the practice in Sutton, Lordan has decided to open a second location in his hometown of Shrewsbury. The practice officially opens at the end of this month at 307 Grafton Street (Route 140) Suite 103. 

Lordan plans to start with a staff of six practitioners and office employees. 

Services offered with cutting-edge technology

Concierge Physical Therapy treats everyone from pediatric patients to professional and Olympic athletes. While approximately half of their patients come to the practice with back pain according to Lordan, Concierge is one of a very few practices in the state that offers dry needling and that also has a focus on women’s health.

The women’s health specialty evaluates patients suffering with a variety of conditions including pelvic pain, interstitial cystitis, c-section pain and pre- and post-natal care. These are conditions that aren’t often thought of as being treated with a physical therapy program.

A full list of services can be found at

Focus on the “whole-patient”

The Concierge team “puts the personality back into healthcare,” Lordan says. They work hard to build trust and rapport with a patient whether the appointment takes 20 minutes or an hour. Lordan and his team take as much time as is needed and focus “on the details.”  No case is the same.

Lordan and in his team in Sutton focus on each person and take the time necessary to develop and plan that will not only help with the current condition at hand, but also focus on preventative methods to stop potential future problems in their tracks.

“We look at everything because if we can help people focus on their sleeping, eating and stretching habits in their 30s and 40s, it can affect their style of living in their 50s,” Lordan said. 

Unique approach to the patient experience

The Sutton and Shrewsbury offices are meant to make the patient feel like they are in a spa rather than a more sterile doctor’s office. 

The Concierge Physical Therapy patient experience philosophy, in turn, is based on the five senses. Lordan and his team think about what the patient feels, smells and hears among other things. So, they have made their Sutton and Shrewsbury offices a place of calm and relaxation.  

Lordan grew up in Shrewsbury, attended St. John’s High School and then moved on to Northeastern University for his graduate studies. Following graduation, he lived in Boston with his wife and went on to work in a practice on the South Shore. 

He worked predominantly with athletes but often also found himself being asked for treatment while working out in his local gym. That’s when he realized he wanted to offer more personalized care and move back near his family in Worcester County. 

He is looking to continue helping as many people live as healthy a life as is possible.

It’s all about passion

Early on in his college career Lordan knew he wanted to help people overcome injuries after growing up with his aunt who had suffered severe injuries in a car accident when she was young. She could only walk with the aid of crutches.  

The good news, Lordan says, is that though his aunt remains on crutches, she now works at the front desk of his Sutton location. There, he can work with her on strengthening and conditioning multiple times per week.

In addition to opening the Shrewsbury office, Lordan is now releasing his first book this Summer entitled “Stop Aging In Its Tracks: 11 Winning Secrets and Practical Solutions.” The book will be available on Amazon.  

Lordan also hosts a monthly podcast, “Hooked on Health,” which is accessible on most audio platforms including Spotify and Apple Podcast.

Dr. Lordan lives in Grafton with his wife and daughter and is expecting a second child in the coming months.

Referrals are not required and the Concierge Physical Therapy staff will work out all insurance and physician communication with the patient.

For more information, people can reach out by phone or through the Concierge Physical Therapy website: Phone: 508.861.1010


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