Parade for high school seniors gets go-ahead from selectmen


Westborough town iconBy Susan Gonsalves, Contributing Writer

WESTBOROUGH – The Westborough High School class of 2021 will enjoy a “rockin’ and rolling party” after the Board of Selectmen on May 11 approved plans for a parade to celebrate graduates.

The parade will kick off at Hastings Elementary School Saturday, June 5, at 10 a.m. It will be led by a Westborough fire truck. Event organizer Roberta Brown said that they are expecting 300 decorated vehicles, with seniors being driven by a legal guardian over age 21.

At 106 East Main St., 100 classic cars will be woven into the parade, stationed at a vacant building with a large parking lot. Volunteers with bright orange vests and public safety details will be present to help with logistics and keep things moving safely.

Members of the Westborough marching jazz band are expected to set up at Arturo’s Restaurant. Meanwhile, DJ Sarah Linkenhoker will keep tunes going in the rotary.

Brown encouraged businesses along the parade route to decorate their storefronts or hang congratulatory banners to show their support. Residents are urged to hold or place signs along the parade route to cheer on the graduates.

“We want to make it into a fun event this year and make the students feel special, along with the rest of town,” she said.

The streets entering onto East and West Main Streets need to be blocked off in order to let the parade pass by, Brown noted. 

Speaking May 12, Brown added that this year’s event will be better organized than the one last year, as they’ve had more time to plan.

In light of an earlier discussion, Selectman Shelby Marshall reminded organizers of the town’s policy not to allow signs in the rotary. That policy will be reviewed at a later date.

At the end of the procession, the seniors will drive through the high school roadway, saying goodbye to their teachers. They’ll then disperse on Ruggles Street.

Police Chief Jeffrey Lourie said that he added five officers to assist at the parade. In addition, a Shamrock motorcycle unit will be present.

Once Lourie said that he endorsed the route and that it would be safe, selectmen voted unanimously to approve the parade.

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