New Hudson gym holds open house


By Dakota Antelman, Managing Editor

HUDSON – Area residents excited for a new exercise opportunity flocked to an open house/workout event in the parking lot of Hudson’s Highland Commons shopping plaza May 15.

The event aimed to introduce the new Hudson branch of the national F45 fitness chain, which is set to open in the plaza this summer. It brought forth a number of guests specifically interested in meeting trainers and learning about F45’s programming.

“We wanted to give the opportunity if anybody wanted to give the workout a try,” said Linda Belsanti, the operator of the new branch. 

F45, which stands for functional 45 minute workouts, focuses on community, accessibility and complete fitness training among a number of other things. 

There are already six studios open across Massachusetts. Hudson’s location is now one of three set to open soon. 

“That level of in-studio excitement is a big draw,” Belsanti said of brick and mortar facilities like hers.

“If the person next to you is grinding it out with you, that’s motivating,” she added. 

Speaking after that May 15 open house, Belsanti said her team has already signed a number of individuals up for memberships. She’s also distributed information on the variety of workout classes, fitness goals and services they plan to offer once they formally open. 

All this comes just as COVID-19 reopenings continue, opening the door for some to resume fitness routines they stopped due to gym closures or programming disruptions last spring.

“The sentiment is that, not only are people ready to come back, they feel comfortable coming back into a gym setting,” Belsanti said.

F45 Hudson is in the midst of its own marketing push to let residents of Hudson and its surrounding communities know what these workouts are about. 

Through videos, social media postings and in-person events, Belsanti is excited to cultivate a close sense of community within her new gym.

“It’s a glimpse into the studio workouts,” she said of social media videos in particular.

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