Hudson cannabis dispensary joins Chamber of Commerce


Hudson cannabis dispensary joins Chamber of Commerce
Photo/by Dakota Antelman
Representatives of the Marlborough Chamber of Commerce and Native Sun Wellness stand for a ribbon cutting ceremony outside of Native Sun.

HUDSON – Native Sun Wellness and the Marlborough Regional Chamber of Commerce gathered in Hudson June 11 to celebrate Native Sun’s membership in the Chamber.

Marking the occasion with a ribbon cutting, Native Sun Retail Manager Caitlyn Woodward-Samson said this event was part of a larger effort.

“Not only are we a member of this chamber, we want to become a member of the community,” she explained.

From that community perspective, Woodward-Samson said she sees value in bringing as many people as possible into Native Sun’s facility. There, she said, staff can destigmatize cannabis consumption through individual conversations.

“Every time a new person walks into our space, we have the opportunity to educate them a little bit more,” Gelman said. 

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