‘Peeking chipmunk’ greets Northborough photographer


‘Peeking chipmunk’ greets Northborough photographerBy Dakota Antelman, Managing Editor

NORTHBOROUGH – A Northborough resident recently snapped a unique image of a chipmunk hanging out in her backyard. 

Clinging to a birdfeeder, the smaller-than-pint-sized rodent peeked around a pole as Sandy Howard noticed his presence.

“To me, he appears to be saying, ‘If I stay very, very still, the lady with the camera won’t be able to see me!’” she wrote in an email to the Community Advocate.

Across the region, individuals long cooped up by the COVID-19 pandemic on top of a familiarly cold New England winter have recently been enjoying the outdoors in droves.

As summer has arrived this month in the form of a blistering heat wave, community members have stayed outside, enjoying moments of nature like Howard’s interaction with her backyard chipmunk. 

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