Fales Elementary holds field day at Teamworks


Fales Elementary holds field day at Teamworks
Photo by/Cindy Zomar
Left to right Maisie Caldwell, Gavin Coleman, Rohan Kapoor, Kaira Agarwal, Sadie McCormack and Brooke Garber enjoy a rousing game of Gaga Ball.

By Cindy Zomar, Education Coordinator

WESTBOROUGH – With dancing, tag, frog tosses, gaga ball and more, this year’s field day events marked a fittingly atypical celebration for Fales Elementary students.

Constructing a brand-new school on the same site as the current Annie E. Fales Elementary School in Westborough has rendered outdoor recess impossible. 

So, with a rental agreement already in place for the district to have some use of Teamworks in Northborough, the school took advantage of the opportunity to have its traditional field day celebration in four sessions, split by class year, over two days. 

“We combined a field trip with a Field Day, since we’ve been unable to do either with COVID restrictions,” explained Principal Maryann Stannard. 

Backed by a throng of teachers and parent volunteers, Physical Education instructor Matt Travis got the students loosened up at one of this year’s Field Days with a group Electric Slide rendition. Then, it was off to play a variety of group activities at different stations, both indoors and outside.

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