Shrewsbury Girl Scouts find long term home for ‘Puzzle Hub’ exchange


Shrewsbury Girl Scouts find long term home for ‘Puzzle Hub’ exchange
Photo by/Jesse Kucewicz
Members of Shrewsbury Girl Scout Troop 11087 load puzzles into the repurposed newspaper box that now serves as their “Puzzle Hub” exchange.

By Jesse Kucewicz, Contributing Writer

SHREWSBURY – After months of planning and work, Shrewsbury Girl Scout Troop 11087 has earned their Bronze Award by completing their “Puzzle Hub,” a public exchange for puzzles and games.

“Basically, it’s a little library, but just for puzzles,” said Patricia Minton, who leads Troop 11087. 

After careful consideration, and while keeping in mind the Girl Scout law of using resources wisely and recycling, the troop decided that a used newspaper box was the best option for their project.

With the help of parent Brendan Palumbo, the troop constructed a concrete base for the structure which stands on Municipal Drive in Shrewsbury, directly in front of Foundation Field.

“We were very fortunate that the town has let us use this area near Foundation Field,” said Minton. “Brendan showed the girls how to lay the pad. They did work mixing the concrete and laying it so that this can be a semi-permanent structure.”

Troop 11087 consists of Lilly Palumbo, Celia Marichal, Preethi Shivashankar, Sari Grenier, Navyaa Shakthi Ravi, and Melina Lam.

The Puzzle Hub will reside in Municipal Drive during the spring, summer, and fall. The group is hoping to find a home for it during the winter months as well.

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