PHOTOS: Storms brings lightning, rainbows, snap heat-wave

A rainbow climbed into the sky in Northborough moments after a patch of thunderstorms rolled through the region.

REGION – Area residents were treated to a light show in the sky June 30 as a patch of thunderstorms sparked flashes of lightning before leaving vibrant rainbows in its wake. 

The storms brought welcome relief to the region after temperatures had soared in recent days. 

They also brought high winds and heavy rains, though, causing minor flooding and knocking out power in some places. 

As of 3:30 a.m. on July 1, state power outage data showed no lingering outages in the region, although just over 4,000 homes remained in the dark elsewhere in the Commonwealth. 

Photos/Cheryl Arsenault

Lightning flashed over Northborough June 30.