Westborough Diversity and Inclusion Committee plans assessment of agenda, goals


By Susan Gonsalves, Contributing Writer

WESTBOROUGH – The Diversity and Inclusion Committee talked last month about whether its development of an organizational assessment should be a stand-alone project or dovetailed into an update of the town’s strategic plan.

Chair Cara Presley voiced support of keeping the two entities separate.

“We have a diverse community and those in town government do not represent the whole community. I don’t want to water down the importance of focusing on diversity, equity and inclusion explicitly, ” she said.

Member Shelby Marshall said she felt strongly an assessment needs to be part of the strategic plan.

Board members were advised by the chair to read through the strategic plan and highlight relevant passages so they could “hone in,” on areas that have questions needing answers.

The committee may send a town-wide survey out in the future and seek a consultant’s help with an assessment, noting the importance of distributing it in multiple languages. They will be working through Town Manager Kristi Williams’ office as they proceed through the process, now in its early stages.

The committee meets on the third Thursday of the month from 3:30 p.m. to 5 p.m. in Memorial Hall.