Westborough Public Library hosts Goat Yoga


By Jesse Kucewicz, Contributing Writer

A goat climbs on the back of a goat yoga participant.
Westborough Public Library Goat Yoga

WESTBOROUGH – In an effort to increase adult engagement during the pandemic, the Westborough Public Library has held a number of outdoor programs for members of the community. Their latest was entertaining not only for participants but also for bystanders who stopped to watch — Goat Yoga.

Goat Yoga is a part of the library’s outdoor summer yoga series, which is free for everyone who registers. Megan Balbarsky, an Adult Services Librarian, has been tasked with creating programs such as these for the Westborough community.

“It’s not your typical library program for sure,” Balbarsky said. “It’s been a stressful year for everybody. I think just based on people’s reactions, even those walking by, this is something fun and stress relieving.”

Due to the pandemic, the Westborough Public Library has yet to fully open for indoor programming, but staff members have been working to continue engagement for all age groups with outdoor activities.

Westborough Public Library hosts Goat Yoga
A goat nibbles on a patch of grass fed to it by a goat yoga participant.

“We want to really reach out to people who aren’t hearing about the library and the wonderful services we have, and hopefully, this was a program that did that,” Balbarsky said. “Unfortunately we could only have 15 people today due to space limitations, but we had such a huge amount of interest that hopefully we will be able to do this again soon.”

Balbarsky noted the positive impact that these summer programs have had on community engagement.

“A lot of people didn’t have library cards when they signed up, so we’re really seeing that this is having an effect,” she said.

Photos/Jesse Kucewicz


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