An Open Letter to the Town of Westborough Select Board


Letter to the Editor logoRecently, some members of the Westborough community have been debating the name of Columbus Day in favor of Indigenous People’s Day.  On behalf of the Italian American Alliance (IAA) I ask that the Town of Westborough join with us in celebrating the contributions of Italian and immigrant communities and keep Columbus Day in place.  

Christopher Columbus is the penultimate symbol of the Italian American and immigrant communities.  The origins of Columbus Day in the United States are founded in the very principles of equality and justice.  A true understanding of American history will reveal the intertwining of Columbus and the contributions of early Italian explorers to the forming of America.  Moreover, we believe that the detractors of Columbus have not presented an honest account of his role in history. Columbus made possible the seeding of new ideas to take hold in a new land. The IAA has cited some of this research in its letter to the Board.

Eliminating Columbus Day violates the Equal Protection Clause of the United States Constitution as well as constitutes a depravation of protected civil liberties. In addition, the Italian government has committed to take action so that Italian cultural heritage and Christopher Columbus are safeguarded.  The Italian government recognizes those with Italian heritage who immigrated to the United States and this elimination of Columbus Day is in total disregards those ties. 

On behalf of the Italian American Alliance, I urge you to preserve October 12 as Columbus Day and in recognizing the last Friday of November as Indigenous Peoples Day, to coincide with Native American Heritage Day. 

Very Truly Yours,

James DiStefano


Italian American Alliance



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