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By Bob Blanchette

 Brett, Bob and Chris Blanchette clean roofs and service gutters through their company, Roof Washing Services.
Brett, Bob and Chris Blanchette clean roofs and service gutters through their company, Roof Washing Services.

Has COVID-19 affected your roof cleaning business?   

Business was steady in 2020.  I’m assuming that the great number of people working from home was the reason. When it is time for a break, they would take walks. Then, walking back to their house, they would hopefully look up at their roof, see the black algae, lichen, or moss and call Roof Washing Services. If it is not on the front of the roof, there is a good chance it’s on the back. Generally, it’s seen most on the north side or very shaded areas.

How does Roof Washing Services compare with the competition? 

My customers let me know.  Reasons were, outstanding reviews, past customer referrals, and realtors. Roof Washing Services has a five-star A plus on BBB and Home Advisor.

Also, a big advantage is that I use eco-friendly roof soap. Customers like the fact that we do not use bleach. We all know that bleach works, but if you read the dangers of bleach, it may change your way of using it again and prompt you to toss it out properly.

Customers will also tell me that quickly returned phone calls, detailed estimates, explaining the process in which we do the job and having answers for their questions means a lot to them. Customers want and need that degree of confidence when hiring a contractor these days, especially. 

One other thing comforting to them is they do not have to come up with a deposit before we start the job.

When we are done and the customer is satisfied, we ask for payment.

How do you price washing a roof?

The best way is to physically look at the roof. I must be able to see what is on the roof, degree of difficulty, meaning pitch, height, and size, as well as whether we’re working on one side or both. If the roof has only black stains, that is the least expensive. The others, moss and lichen, are more costly because it’s time-consuming to remove, along with cleaning up on the ground, hard surfaces like steps, walkways, driveways, decks, etc. 

Will the lichen and moss come back?

Over time it will unless we treat it annually in September by spraying a preventative on for a fee. It’s like fertilizing your lawn to keep the weeds out.

What other services does Roof Washing Services provide?

We do gutter cleaning and gutter guard installations. We also pressure wash most exterior surfaces.

How can customers get in touch with Roof Washing Services?

On the web, 

Better Business Bureau

Phone: 774-303-1155

Email: [email protected]


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