Hudson residents spot local hockey jersey in Netflix show


Hudson residents spot local hockey jersey in Netflix show
Eagle-eyed community members spotted what appeared to be an old Hudson youth hockey jersey in an episode of the Netflix show, Atypical. (Cr. Tyler Golden / Netflix)

HUDSON – What appears to be a decades-old Hudson youth hockey jersey brought back old memories and delighted local television fans when it appeared in a recent episode of the Netflix show “Atypical.” 

The jersey is red, with long sleeves and white stripes around the collar, waist and elbows. “Hudson” appears across the front in diagonal, boldface letters while the words “Paul & Jerry” emblazon the back, albeit written in peeling white lettering. 

The jersey appears in season four, episode three of “Atypical” as one of the show’s characters, Casey, speaks with a friend. It is specifically shown around the 20:50 mark of the episode.

Community discusses jersey online

Hudson community member Patricia Coffey first shared a screenshot to a local Facebook group showing the scene last week.

“Is this an old Hudson Hawk shirt?” she asked.

Dozens immediately chimed in, with some specifically pointing to the Paul & Jerry name as a tip that the jersey was, indeed, local. 

Steve Davis soon joined the conversation. Davis works as the manager at PJ’s Pub in town, which now bears the shortened name of what was known as Paul and Jerry’s Pub back in the 1970s. 

After initially doubting the jersey’s veracity, Davis said he spoke with his grandfather, Jerry, who confirmed that the pub sponsored a number of youth sports teams over the years. 

“That’s definitely an old Hudson jersey,”  Davis commented in that Facebook thread.

“To see something that my grandparents started years and years ago pop up on a TV show, it’s just like, ‘Wow,’” Davis later said in a recent phone conversation with the Community Advocate.

Davis continued, noting that PJ’s lost much of its memorabilia when a catastrophic fire tore through the bar back in 1998. Gone in that blaze were a number of old photos, including some showing teams that once sported the “Paul & Jerry’s” name.

Jersey reminded costume designer of ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’

On the other side of the country, “Atypical” co-costume designer Alison Carlos said she remembers finding the Hudson jersey with her colleague, Mo Daftary, at a Los Angeles thrift store known as the Bearded Beagle

We had no clue where the jersey came from, but loved the look of it and immediately were reminded of Cameron from ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,’” she said. “We decided to pay homage to that iconic outfit and thought no other character on the show could pull that look off better than Casey.”

‘Thrift circuit’ frequently recycles old sports jerseys

“Atypical” is a Netflix original series that tells the story of Sam Gardner, an 18-year-old who is on the autism spectrum. 

Like many Hollywood productions, its costume designers often frequent an ecosystem of high-end thrift stores to find unique clothing for their actors. 

Contacted by the Community Advocate, Bearded Beagle owner Rebecca Pieper explained that her store gets its stock through a number of wholesale vendors. Many of those vendors, she said, pull from a variety of sources. 

“We get sport[s] items from all over the country and sometimes the world,” she said.

You would also be surprised how well made those old hockey jerseys are,” she continued. “It could have been filtered through the thrift circuit over and over again throughout the last 50 years while remaining intact.”

Pieper remarked that she would need to watch “Atypical” to “see what else they’re sporting from our shop.”

Shown a photo of one of Hudson’s 1970s youth teams, Carlos said she was “quite certain” that the jersey she and Daftary found at the Bearded Beagle was from Hudson.

“It just somehow made it all the way to Los Angeles, ended up in a thrift store, and then in the hands of two costume designers, and then on a Netflix show,” she said.

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