Marlborough’s Early Childhood Center hosts ‘touch-a-truck’ event


By Jesse Kucewicz, Contributing Writer

A child explores the cab of a Marlborough DPW vehicle during a ‘touch-a-truck’ event, July 29.  (Photo/Jesse Kucewicz)
A child explores the cab of a Marlborough DPW vehicle during a ‘touch-a-truck’ event, July 29.
(Photo/Jesse Kucewicz)

MARLBOROUGH – A choir of honking horns could be heard from the Marlborough Early Childhood Center (ECC) parking lot on July 29 thanks to a “touch-a-truck” event put on with the help of Marlborough’s Department of Public Works (DPW).

Students in the Extended Summer Program got a hands-on lesson about contrasting the concepts of “big” and “small,” with five work trucks of various sizes placed next to plastic toy trucks outside of their school.

Along with the visual concepts this helped solidify, the event let students climb into each of the machines.

Nicole Cyr, a summer school teacher at ECC, worked with the city to make this event happen.

“Because this week’s theme was construction and building, I reached out to DPW and asked if they could help me solidify this concept of big and small,” Cyr explained. “I’m amazed at how many they brought, so the kids can actually climb, explore, and really see visually because they all learn differently.”

Lessons like this help to enrich what was taught in the classroom, Cyr said. Teachers at ECC further find that hands-on, in-person lessons like these are especially important due to the hybrid-learning environment that students have had to use due to the pandemic, she continued.

Cyr also assured there were learning opportunities for all levels of students by using pictures and text of their lesson to engage non-verbal students within the group.

Christopher White, General Foreman of Forestry, Parks, and Cemetery, worked with Cyr to bring these trucks to ECC.

“This is some of the equipment that they actually see out on the roads while they’re out and about,” White said. “They actually get to have a little hands-on where they can touch the trucks, sit inside of them, and get a relationship between how big and how small some of this stuff really is.”




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