UPDATE: Tornado touched down in Marlborough, NWS confirms


Funnel clouds spotted throughout region as two other tornados touch down

By Dakota Antelman, Managing Editor

UPDATE: Tornado touched down in Marlborough, NWS confirms
Multiple funnel clouds could be viewed descending over Westborough, Aug. 23. Having viewed the storms from the Westborough Office Park near the prominent water tower there, John Bogaert told the Community Advocate that he watched clouds travel directly over Route 9 in the direction of Marlborough. (Photo/Courtesy John Bogaert)

UPDATE: After fielding reports of funnel clouds across the region, the National Weather Service has confirmed that two additional tornados touched down in Stow and Bolton during storms on Monday morning.

REGION – A tornado briefly spun a three-quarter-mile path through part of Marlborough, Monday according to a preliminary damage report released by the National Weather Service.

Additional reports now document at least two other tornados said to have touched down in nearby Stow and Bolton.

In Marlborough, no one was injured as the EF-0 tornado gathered winds estimated at 65 miles per hour, the NWS damage report said.

Weather officials say that tornado first touched down in a cluster of trees behind commercial properties off Cedar Hill St. It then traveled north over a number of those buildings before crossing Cedar Hill St. itself.

The tornado grew to a maximum width of 10 yards and sent at least one tree falling onto a pair of parked cars in the area according to multiple reports.

Though causing minimal damage, funnel clouds caught the eye of many throughout the region, spawning those additional tornados in Stow and Bolton.

Both of those tornados were substantially wider than the one striking Marlborough. They were similar in terms of their strength, however, and shorter in terms of distance travelled on the ground both traveling for roughly .1 miles.

All this came as a delayed impact of Tropical Storm Henri, which rumbled ashore in Rhode Island on Aug. 22 before turning to the west and running through Connecticut. Henri had since turned back to the east and sent remnants through the region as of Aug. 23.

Likewise, this storm came just a matter of days after a separate set of thunderstorms prompted a stronger tornado in nearby Clinton.