Retirements, resignations prompt hiring push at Westborough Schools


By Stuart Foster, Contributing Writer

Sun shines over Gibbons School in Westborough.  Photo/Dakota Antelman
Sun shines over Gibbons School in Westborough.
(Photo/Dakota Antelman)

WESTBOROUGH – The Westborough Public Schools had hired more than 90 people over the summer in preparation for the upcoming school year as of Aug. 30.

Assistant Superintendent Daniel Mayer said at a School Committee meeting, that day, that the school system had many positions to fill due to retirements and several late resignations in August, which he said was rather unusual for Westborough.

“I feel very good about the paras, the teachers, the tutors we’ve been able to onboard,” Mayer said. “We always do well in terms of being able to attract people. People move from other districts to come here.”

Superintendent Amber Bock said that an additional 15 positions still needed to be filled as of Aug. 30 in addition to the hires to date.

Bock also said that there were around four people who signed contracts with Westborough Public Schools and then reneged to take other jobs. That was unprecedented for the district, she said.

“It’s happening in a lot of districts, and it will happen more,” Bock said. “If we’ve got 15, 17 positions to fill, we might be getting people that leave other jobs, so we’ll have to wait and see.”

Bock said that the district had added three, one-year classroom positions, one each at the Mill Pond, Fales and Hastings Elementary Schools to keep class sizes smaller. 

Bock also said the district added two tutors and additional noon aids, who come into schools at mid-day to supervise students at lunch and recess. Those individuals will help spread students out to comply with COVID-19 precautions.

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