Community surprises nine-year-old with birthday cards


By Laura Hayes, Senior Community Reporter

Mynor Ruiz holds birthday cards that he’s received from community members.
Mynor Ruiz holds birthday cards that he’s received from community members.

MARLBOROUGH – Mynor Ruiz got a special surprise for his ninth birthday last month when people across the country mailed him birthday cards.

“You feel good when you send a card to somebody that really wants them,” Mynor said in a recent interview. “You feel good when you give stuff. You feel good when you get stuff that comes from a good place in somebody’s heart.”

This all got started when Mynor told his mom that he wanted a card in the mail from his best friend, Jayla, for his birthday.

“Not any presents, not like money, just classic birthday cards,” Mynor said.

His mom, Nicole, thought it was a sweet idea.

So, she posted on her Facebook page and later shared her message in a Marlborough Facebook group, asking if anyone wanted to send Mynor cards for his birthday.

“I just wanted to do something special for him because he’s a good kid,” Nicole said. “He always tries to make everybody happy with jokes and laughing.”

“I’m a man of few words,” Mynor said of himself. “And most of the few words are just puns.”


Facebook post prompts community response

The cards began rolling in.

As of Sept. 3, 15 had come in the mail.

Cards came from across the United States — from as far away as Arizona, Illinois and Connecticut. Some also arrived from around Massachusetts.

Some of the cards were handmade. Mynor’s favorites are the ones that play music and have pop-ups.

At first, Nicole was worried that people would think that her Facebook post was a scam. She also worried that it had been deleted because she wasn’t getting any notifications from it.

Then, however, someone reached out asking how old Mynor was and where to send the cards.

Nicole found her post and saw that people were responding.

“I was super surprised, and I was really excited because I was like, ‘Oh, this is going to be awesome. He’s going to get letters, cards in the mail and he’s going to be so happy,’” Nicole said.


Birthday cards a wish come true

Back when Mynor blew out his candles last month, he wished that he would get more cards.

“But I wasn’t trying to be greedy,” he added.

He also wished for everyone to be happy.

“Then, I just started seeing all of the cards pouring in and everybody was happy… It all came true,” Mynor said.




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