Mr. Handyman offers home repair with integrity


By Dakota Antelman, Managing Editor

Mr.Handyman LogoREGION – Michael Campbell isn’t the type of boss who meets his employees over the bed of a pick-up truck to hand out the day’s assignments.

Instead, Mr. Handyman Central MetroWest operates out of their newly expanded headquarters. That reality reflects Campbell’s larger business philosophy.

“We don’t run our business from the hip,” he said in a recent interview.


Experience, customer service and savings build reputation

Mr. Handyman provides a variety of professional home repair services across the region.

Campbell, in turn, brings decades of experience and appreciation for customer service to the job.

“We have a defined Code of Values that we follow,” Campbell said. “Focused on Customers, Respect and Integrity, we strive for customer satisfaction. We provide flexible estimates, not inflated quotes, encouraging customer involvement with freedom to make changes.”

Quite often, projects come in under budget, saving customers money.

“We encourage customer involvement and detail any changes or unforeseen situations.” Campbell said.


‘Aging in place’ services keep customers in their homes

From personal experiences, Campbell and his team recognized the importance of “Aging in Place” and became NAHB certified (CAPS) contractors.

These projects focus on customers’ desire for independence and comfort in a familiar environment. They focus on adding value, as they add things like banister rails, walk-in showers and other products and services for people with specific injuries or needs.

“We don’t want to turn people’s homes into an industrial environment,” Campbell said. “We improve in a way that will add value.”

Aging in place is focused not only on the elderly population, but on helping individuals with specific needs whether temporary or permanent.

Campbell noted that many projects, such as temporary ramps, help individuals with short term conditions.  These measures allow people to stay where they’re most comfortable and can avoid the costly bills associated with hospitals and assisted living facilities.


Mr. Handyman offers generous benefits

Mr. Handyman is looking for qualified individuals to help continue this mission.

“I’m not looking for anyone that can simply swing a hammer,” Campbell said. “We want good people as well.”

Mr. Handyman thoroughly background checks each employee.

“I wouldn’t send someone into a customer’s home that I wouldn’t put in my own,” Campbell continued. “People don’t realize until it’s too late.”

Campbell rewards his employees with an industry leading benefits package. For example, he offers health insurance covering employees and families. Accident insurance is standard and he encourages participation in their Simple IRA plan, which he matches. Additionally, employees get education, cell phone and tool reimbursement plans.

Technicians take home company vehicles with all gas and service costs covered. Paid holidays and vacation time are also standard.

When asked, Campbell responded, “Of course it’s expensive, but employees are appreciative, and it demonstrates we’re invested in our people” he said.

Learn more by visiting the Mr. Handyman Central MetroWest website at or call 508-366-3690.





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