Southborough recognizes 9/11 anniversary with ceremony


By Jesse Kucewicz, Contributing Writer

Southborough recognizes 9/11 anniversary with ceremony
Members of the Southborough Fire Department stood together at an event marking the 20th anniversary of the September 11th Attacks.(Photos/Jesse Kucewicz)

SOUTHBOROUGH – The Southborough Fire and Police Departments gathered with the community this weekend to recognize the sacrifices of those killed in the September 11 attacks.

The ceremony on this 20th anniversary of 9/11 featured a few words of recognition from Southborough Fire Department Fire Chief Steven Achilles, a short prayer, and the ringing of a special memorial bell.

“It’s a simple ceremony to remember those that were lost 20 years ago today, their families, and those still struggling with the aftermath of that day,” Achilles said to a crowd surrounding the half-mast flag in front of the Southborough Fire and Police buildings. “It was important for us to keep the same tempo that we’ve done in the past so that we don’t minimize the previous years.”

Following the ceremony, people gathered and shared their memories of that day. Many talked about how communities like Southborough banded together stronger than ever following the attacks.

Achilles specifically remembered how the communities looked upon firefighters and law enforcement for support.

“People expected us as firefighters and police officers not affected immediately to do something, and to give that sense of security, and that sense of safety,” Achilles said. “I know that we went to work that day in our community, and I think a lot of communities did, to make people feel safer.”

The Southborough Fire and Police Departments hold this ceremony annually as a way to encourage people to reflect on how the 9/11 attacks may impact both their lives and the lives of people around them today.

“I hope everybody in our community and around the nation will just take a second and think of where you were, what did it mean,” Achilles said. “If you weren’t alive then, seek out somebody that can explain what it is, then, why it’s so important.”


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