Hudson ends agreement to provide health agent services for Maynard


By Justin Roshak, Contributing Writer

Work to remove lead paint in Hudson’s town hall was set to begin on Aug. 16. (Photo/Dakota Antelman)
Hudson will end its deal with Maynard to provide the services of a health agent. 
(Photo/Dakota Antelman)

HUDSON – The Town of Hudson will end an agreement that had Health Department staff working to cover a vacancy in Maynard, Director of Public and Community Health Kelli Calo recently confirmed. 

Hudson entered into the intermunicipal agreement to cover the services of Maynard’s Health Agent. 

In return, Hudson received $1,725 per month.

But, with COVID-19 cases rising, and Maynard’s case workload larger than expected, the Town of Hudson has decided to end the arrangement. 

The Maynard Health Agent position constituted about eight hours of work per week, according to Calo.

“The reason why we didn’t extend it was because it was becoming a burden,” Calo recently told the Community Advocate. “It became too much.”

Calo cited the large number of Maynard cases involving the building health codes (one of the Health Agent’s main duties), as a significant reason for the overburdening of Hudson’s staff time. 

“We were doing a lot more hours,” Calo said. “It didn’t cover all the overtime.”

In response to the cancellation, the Town of Maynard posted for a full time Health Agent position with resume review to begin at once. 

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