Hudson Schools organizing tutoring options for quarantined students


By Justin Roshak, Contributing Writer

Hudson Schools organizing tutoring options for quarantined students
Plans are still developing to provide remote, at-home tutoring for Hudson Students quarantined dur to COVID-19. (Photo by/Dakota Antelman)

HUDSON – The Hudson Public School District is still gearing up its tutoring program for students forced to quarantine at home due to either a positive COVID-19 test or a close, unvaccinated contact with someone who tested positive. 

“We advertised for all employees to be tutors after school,” Superintendent Marco Rodrigues told the School Committee at its Sept. 21 meeting. “We want to ensure that we have a way of supporting the students beyond Google classroom.”

Google Classroom provides one substitute learning experience for middle and high school-age students. But it is less commonly used at the elementary level. 

“We hope that this will create a support system that goes beyond Google Classroom, particularly at the elementary level,” Rodrigues said. 

If a student learns they need to quarantine, they will receive a communication regarding the tutoring program the next day. The tutor will then reach out to the family to schedule a convenient time for instruction. 

“We hope that, with this, if you provide all the sequence of lessons, it should be seamless as much as the student is prepared to have all the work and get it graded, and not be so far behind or have any gaps of knowledge,” Rodrigues said. 

Actual lessons will consist of an hour of instruction every day that the student is quarantined, Monday through Thursday. They will fall within a three-hour period set by the tutor, the student, and their family. 

Sometimes, multiple tutors will serve the same student, especially at the high school level, where subjects are more specialized. All subject areas are intended to be part of the program. 

Tutors can work from wherever they are, provided they meet the three-hour window set with the student’s family. They will not be required to tutor from school buildings. Any member of the district’s staff, not just classroom educators, can become a tutor, Rodrigues said. 

Although the tutoring program is already being organized, new tutors will be able to join the team through the year.

The school district also intends to develop tutoring teams within individual schools. They will work with educators in a student’s grade level to match curriculum materials to available tutors.

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