Westborough High Class of 1971 postpones reunion due to COVID-19


Westborough High Class of 1971 postpones reunion due to COVID-19
Photo by/Dakota Antelman

WESTBOROUGH – The members of the Westborough High class of 1971 were actively planning and looking forward to a 50th reunion. But the COVID 19 risk has forced them to wait another year.

“After much reflection, and the reality that COVID and the variant is still very much active, we have decided to postpone the class of ’71 reunion until next summer 2022,” explained Planning Committee Spokesman Gordon Henley. 

“There were several issues behind this decision, COVID being paramount,” Henley continued. “Many wanted only an outside venue. These do exist, but they have rules and high fees.”

The reunion committee has been making plans all year for the 50th reunion, and class members have responded with enthusiasm. However, the class members are now in the higher risk age group and the COVID-19 risk is still too high, according to Dave Bresnahan, a class member living in Utah.

“Over the years there are quite a few of our class members who have moved to other states,” said Bresnahan. “Coming to a reunion is not as easy as it once was. We are concerned not only with the risk of gathering together, but also the risk of travel in order to be there.”

The reunion group will continue efforts to locate class members and to make plans for a reunion in 2022. Members of the WHS class of 1971 are asked to contact Gordon Henley [email protected].

“I am hopeful that by next year, the options will open up, and the COVID concern will be much less,” said Henley.

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