‘Do we change the name of the high school next?’


Letter to the Editor logoDear Editor:

I am a 1967 graduate of Algonquin Regional High School. My cousins, brothers, youngest aunt all graduated from ARHS. My daughter graduated in 1993, also.

We are appalled at the mascot change. The Algonquin Indian was indigenous to our area. The Tomahawk was the instrument to hunt and the Smoke Signal was the way the communicated. They have already removed the newspaper’s Smoke Signal for the Harbinger.

If this part of the new woke cancel culture, then what is next? Do we change the name of the high school next?

Do we cancel history for political correctness? 

Who is an outsider as a consultant who thinks it is best for our community to cancel out all of our history? I still reside in Northborough. I was born here in 1949 at Marlborough Hospital. My parents bought their first home here in 1949. My brother, nephew, and niece still live here. We are so saddened by the transient population coming here and wanting to change everything.


Patricia Milano-Thayer