‘Keeping our Northborough and Westborough streets illuminated’


Letter to the Editor logoTo the Editor:

Having reported numerous streetlight outages over the past several years in the interests of both safety and security, I’m writing this as a public service for Northborough and Westborough residents: 

I have found National Grid dedicated to keeping our streetlights illuminated, however they no longer patrol the streets at night like they did many years ago when I was a youngster.  Instead, they rely on these outages to be reported by both pole number and street address.  The easiest way to notify National Grid seems to be via email: [email protected]  There are two types of outages: COMPLETELY OUT or CYCLING (dim blinking on and off) so it is important to advise which condition is present so the appropriate fix can be made.

Occasionally I will be advised by a representative that the owner of the light is “the Town of Westborough” for instance and to contact them for service, however neither town maintains their street lighting. The confusion seems to be that “the Town of Westborough” is in fact the Customer name on the account, NOT the Owner.  Also, in certain cases the lighting of streetlights is billed to private citizens however National Grid is still responsible for maintaining the bulbs and filaments of streetlights in both Northborough and Westborough.  

Northborough’s Administrative Office has offered to report known outages brought to their attention while the Westborough Police Department has advised they try to address this issue monthly. 


Doug Stone



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