Westborough Police get $20,425 grant to analyze traffic patterns


By Stuart Foster, Contributing Writer

Westborough Police get $20,425 grant to analyze traffic patterns
Westborough Police Department is headquartered in the Forbes Municipal Building in town. (Photo/Dakota Antelman)

WESTBOROUGH – The Massachusetts Office of Grants and Research recently awarded the
Westborough Police Department with a $20,425 grant in support of the Department’s
Municipal Road Safety program.

In a Facebook post, the police wrote that the program would use data recorders and speed
measurement devices to measure traffic density, flow and speed of vehicles in the town.

The police wrote that they would not record vehicle information.

“The data is then analyzed by our Traffic Supervisor, who assigns the Traffic Officer to problem areas throughout Westborough,” that post noted. “The result is a data-driven approach that allows us to operate our Selective Traffic Enforcement Program efficiently with focus on areas that need the most attention.”

The post said that Sergeant Christopher Atchue worked with the WPD Traffic Enforcement
Team to write the grant.

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