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Relationships have always been the backbone of our society but with social media and online shopping, things have taken a different approach for several age groups. How is this impacting the real estate market you ask? Well now more than ever, the team building and relationships you’ve built with businesses and other people in general has become extremely important in the home buying and selling process.

As a Realtor I’ve always put a great deal of emphasis on building the right team and hiring the best fit for a buyer or seller agent. In a market this competitive, though, it is even more critical to choose an agent that you trust and has the experience and knowledge to guide you in a multi-offer situation, no matter what side you’re on, buying or selling. Full time professional Realtors with experience and integrity are a must if you want to avoid the potential of losing thousands of dollars or even losing a home you love; it’s just not worth the risk.

Other relationships you’ve built along this road of life are equally important too…need a pre-approval, not all banks and mortgage companies are equal. Online banks aren’t going to offer in-person meetings and the inability to drop off your paperwork locally, especially if you’re not tech-savvy or a WFH professional with a computer and printer, could pose a real hassle.

Need an updated pre-approval and it’s Saturday? You’ll be glad you used that same person you refinanced with last year; repeat customers are generally going to get some priority and great service! The same goes for when you’re selling, and you have a problem two days before your first open house and need a plumber or electrician to fix something…

Call on those people you have built relationships with over the years. They are the small businesses that need our support and want the repeat business, and likely the only chance you’re going to have of getting someone in there quick. Attorneys too—use one that you’ve had good experiences with in the past, preferably one that specializes in real estate. They will handle the situations that arise with ease and professionalism because they’re used to the idiosyncrasies of real estate transactions. The more someone knows about you, the better they’ll be able to help you and vice versa, thus producing a winning team.

Good agents already have established teams and have worked years to build great relationships in the business, thus reiterating my original advice of hiring a full-time professional Realtor with experience. Are you a Type A or maybe the opposite, prefer texting to emails or want an in-person meeting as opposed to a Zoom or phone call? If you’ve already built a relationship with someone, they know that, and things will just go that much smoother.

The bottom line is, relationships have a lot of meaning in life and building them can not only be enlightening, fun and enriching, it can put you in an ideal place in the world. Whether it’s personal, business, your neighborhood, or a tough real estate market, we need each other. Feel free to reach out for more tips on hiring a professional Realtor that fits your style or anything else real estate related, Lisa Shaw, Re/Max Executive Realty, [email protected] 508 826-7661.