North Grafton resident looks forward to MGB facility in Westborough


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To the Editor: 

Before I moved to North Grafton, my family and I lived in Wakefield. There, we had access to Mass General Brigham facilities. There really is a difference in care at these locations. The professionalism, the provision of care, the efficiency is all very noticeable. Further, patients in the MGB system have access to more physicians and an easier time getting an appointment. It can take six months or more to get an appointment with a specialist at some local providers. It does not have to be that way. When Mass General Brigham-Westborough is able to open, it will provide more primary care for adults and children but it will also have specialists right on site.

Choice is a good thing. Currently, for most people in the region, we certainly have local options or we can travel a distance to get medical care. This will provide the same choice without the travel. No one will be forced to get their care at MGB. But for those of us who have confidence in MGB providers and want to have the option of accessing care closer to where we live, this new site will make our lives easier. Not only will it make things better for current patients, but the public will benefit as well. In addition, the facility, with doctors, nurses, physical therapists, and other allied health professionals – many of whom will live in and near the community – will be a real benefit to the community overall. 

I look forward to the new MGB facility in Westborough.

Mohammad Choudhry

North Grafton,