POETRY: ‘River View’


White-haired, lined visage

He rocks to and fro

Grand River his view

From Home for the Old


In the morning just born

Gems dance in the light

Glee brightens his eyes

Memories in sight


Oh, the car inches forward

Packed to the brim

Bathing suits, flip flops

Bikes and swim fins


Sun-ripened strawberries

Picked fresh today

Smelling of sweetness

Red, tabletop display.


Watch me, cries the child

Toes gripping the dock

Knees bend, rocks forward

She’s off like a shot.

Crack cries the bat

Sphere sails through the air

Smacks against leather

In the outfield’s vast lair.


Pink streaks the night sky

Signaling day’s end

Whispering a promise

To come back again.


Memories linger

From days long past

Days filled with family

And love sure to last.


White-haired, lined visage

Face lifts in a grin

Eyes speak of memories

And joy from within.


Grand River his view

From Home for the Old

He rocks to and fro,

He rocks to and fro.

–Connie Burgess