Westborough Volleyball claims CMADA title


By Dakota Antelman, Managing Editor

Westborough Volleyball claims CMADA title
A Westborough volleyball player spikes the ball over the net during a scrimmage on Oct. 30 following the Rangers’ CMADA tournament win. (Photo/Dakota Antelman)

WESTBOROUGH – The Westborough High School Girls Volleyball team was back in action on Oct. 30.

Less than two days after they won the inaugural CMADA tournament, the squad was riding high.

“Nashoba played great, and Algonquin is a good team,” coach Roger Anderson said of Westborough’s CMADA semifinals and finals opponents. “We enjoyed playing [Algonquin] in the finals, and they demanded a lot of us.”

“Going through that was very healthy for us as we prepare for the tournament,” he continued. “That’s what we want to do.”

The CMADA tournament ran in place of a traditional sectionals bracket, which was phased out this year under the MIAA’s new power ranking playoff seeding system. 

Westborough swept Algonquin in the tournament final on Oct. 28, continuing a dominant run that had seen the team remain undefeated through this season as of Oct. 30.

Now, Westborough volleyball has its eyes set on a state championship.

Westborough didn’t know its next playoff opponent, Oct. 30. Final seeding had not yet been release.

In the interim, though, the team piled into the WHS gym early on a rainy Saturday morning for a three-team scrimmage featuring contests against Franklin and Groton Dunstable. 

“Any opportunity where you can play great teams and challenge yourself and see different things [is good],” Anderson said of those scrimmages. “We want to make sure that when we get to the playoffs, we’ve seen just about everything that we can so that we don’t get surprised.”

Westborough Volleyball claims CMADA title
A poster on the wall of the Westborough High School gym asks the question — “Who’s watching Westborough volleyball?” (Photo/Dakota Antelman)

A poster hangs taped to the gym wall as Westborough continues its playoff preparation. That poster asks a question — “Who’s watching Westborough Volleyball.” 

Little colored stickers dot the attached US map. 

Championship banners from years gone by hang on the gym wall. 

“The level of play is really high,” Anderson said of his team in a previous interview with the Community Advocate. “They’re really motivated to learn and get better every day.”


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