Marlborough business’ motto is love, laughter and coffee


By Jeff Theodore, Contributing Writer

Coffee Loft is located at 406 Lincoln Street in Marlborough. (Photo/Dakota Antelman)
Coffee Loft is located at 406 Lincoln Street in Marlborough.
(Photo/Dakota Antelman)

MARLBOROUGH – When Jackie Musorofi was a student at Hudson High School, one of her favorite spots to either study or chill out was the Coffee Loft in Marlborough.  

One day, Musorofi, who went on to become a freshman at Mount Wachusett Community College, returned to the Coffee Loft to see a “closed” sign on the door. Alarmed, Musorofi reached out to the shop’s owner, who informed her that, since the manager had moved away, the coffee shop was now for sale. 

Musorofi made up her mind to enter the coffee business that day. Four years later, as the owner of the Coffee Loft on Lincoln Street, Musorofi says there is no place she’d rather be. 

“This is my dream and my life, and I want to continue doing it forever,” Musorofi said in a recent interview. “To be honest, I have been winging it as a business owner. But I’m learning as I go, and I have a really good team.”

“My favorite part is having a relationship with my regular customers and making this a place where people feel at home,” she continued. 

Maura Navin Webster, one of those Coffee Loft regular customers, said that, aside from the delicious coffee, Musorofi and her team have created a place that has a “cool vibe.”

“It’s a tiny and cozy shop that’s very welcoming and Jackie and her staff are super friendly,” said Webster, who visits the shop at least three times a week. “Every time I go there, I don’t care if it’s for 15 minutes or two hours, I always run into someone I know.” 

Musorofi and five other baristas whip up a variety of coffee and tea concoctions along with an artisan-style breakfast and lunch menu. Among the more popular items are the Coffee Loft’s specialty lattes, especially a bee sting latte composed of honey, cinnamon, and vanilla. 

“It’s ironic that is the most popular latte because bees are a part of our logo and I love bees,” Musorofi said. 

Patrons also love the fact that the Coffee Loft serves gluten-free pastries. 

 “Gluten-free food is becoming more of the norm but still it’s tough to find,” Musorofi said. “My customers appreciate that it’s here. I strive to make sure we have items that are liked by everybody.” 

Despite facing some challenges, Musorofi said she’s thankful for support from close family members and friends to keep the coffee shop running.  

What advice would Musorofi give to people contemplating opening a business?  

“Make sure you love what you’re doing because it will become your life,” she says. “Sometimes it does get tough. But then I reflect on why I started: to provide a safe space and comfy environment.” 

Coffee Loft is open Tuesday through Sunday and is located in the Renaissance Lofts on 406 Lincoln St. in Marlborough. For more information visit:

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