Marlborough plans pollinator preservation garden at Ghiloni Park


By Dakota Antelman, Managing Editor


Bee climbing into a yellow flower
A bumble bee dives inside a flower in Northborough. A planned native pollinator preservation garden in Marlborough will aim to demonstrate ways to expand habitat space for bees and other pollinators. (Photo/Sandy Howard)

MARLBOROUGH – Visitors to Marlborough’s Ghiloni Park may notice a new “Native Pollinator Preservation Garden” within the park next spring. 

That’s thanks to a small grant from the group Keep Massachusetts Beautiful, which promotes everything from environmental education to community beautification. 

Marlborough Conservation Commission member Karin Paquin helped coordinate the city’s grant application, ultimately winning $250 to fund the purchase of native plants for the garden. 

“Native bees are on the decline, and our current urban and suburban landscaping practices are eliminating many native plants that support our native bee populations,” read a recent letter by Conservation Officer Priscilla Ryder.

That letter was available through the agenda packet for the City Council’s upcoming Nov. 8 meeting.

“This demonstration garden will help to educate the public about what plants to add to their own landscapes to help support native bees,” the letter continued.

The City Council’s Nov. 8 agenda includes space for a formal vote to accept this grant.


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