Craftworks brings community together, one stitch at a time


Ande Lockwood is the owner of Craftworks gift and yarn shop. (Photo/submitted)
Ande Lockwood
is the owner of
Craftworks gift and
yarn shop.

By Craftworks Staff

NORTHBOROUGH – When asked how many types of yarn are available in her shop, Craftworks gift and yarn shop owner Ande Lockwood smiles as she tries to answer.

“Honestly, I don’t truly know because there are so many different brands of yarn here,” she
said in a recent interview, “and many manufacturers and independent spinners and dyers create several different weights and varieties of yarn using a blend of fibers. We have yarn mixed with silk, cashmere, nylon, merino wool, llama, yak, cotton and many other combinations of fibers.”

Yarn isn’t the only attraction at this paradise for crafters in Northborough. The store also
offers a variety of classes including crochet, painting and knitting which are the most popular. Free drop-ins (social knit times) are also offered, where enthusiasts can gather several times a month to bond while working on knit or crochet projects.

Craftworks also includes a handcrafted gift shop where creative works from numerous
artisans and small American family-owned companies can be found. This side of the shop is
a brick-and-mortar year-round craft fair. Several of the artisans work in the shop, and inventory is constantly changing with many of the items being one of a kind.

Lockwood said Craftworks holds a distinct advantage over other craft-style businesses in
the area. “We know our customers’ names and their stories,” she said. “When they walk in
here, they’ve got a friend and one-on-one service; we care about them! Additionally, many
of the Artisans will work with customers to make the perfect gift/ item for them.”

“While most of our customer base is from surrounding towns, we have a number of folks who jump in their cars and make a road-trip to come visit us, and some who make time to stop by on their annual trek to their vacation spot in Maine and New Hampshire.” Lockwood said.

While Craftworks serves as a place for creative expression, it also gives back to the community.

Craftworks collects food for food pantries, donates socks for a fellowship group in Worcester and convenes programs at libraries to teach knitting and crochet. Craftworks is also connected to area schools, sponsoring after-school and summer programs for young

“We find that, when the kids are around age eight and up, their attention span
and unbridled creativity is great for learning crafts and exploring what they might like
to try,” Lockwood said.

Stacey Incorvaia, the events and special projects planner at Craftworks, said the future of
crafting is bright because it’s a soothing experience for the entire family. That has been especially true during the pandemic.

“Crafting is something you do with your hands,” Incorvaia said. “Before computers and
cell phones, people took pride in the things they made, and they still do.”

Craftworks is located at 243 West Main Street in Northborough.
Learn more and get the latest on Craftworks events by visiting



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