Bunny Perron recognized as Westborough’s oldest resident


Bunny Perron recognized as Westborough’s oldest resident
Bunny Perron receives a special Boston Post Cane pin honoring her as Westborough’s oldest resident. (Photo/Jesse Kucewicz)

WESTBOROUGH – Patricia “Bunny” Perron was honored by the Westborough Historical Society and the Select Board last week in an event recognizing her as Westborough’s oldest resident.

The event, which took place on Nov. 18, the day after Perron’s 100th birthday, also celebrated the town’s 304th birthday. Phil Kittredge presented a slideshow of colorized photos explaining and celebrating the history of Westborough after Perron received a ceremonial Boston Post Cane pin.

History of the Boston Post Cane

When the Boston Post Cane originated in 1909, it was an actual walking cane. Copies were distributed to many towns surrounding Boston to be awarded to the oldest man in each town. The tradition was expanded to include women in 1930.

These days, as many canes have been broken or lost, the honor is given to a community’s oldest citizen in the form of a pin.

Westborough’s original cane, which had been lost for many years is now encased in glass on the lower floor of town hall for viewing.

Perron receives Select Board citation

Bunny Perron recognized as Westborough’s oldest resident
Bunny Perron looks on during an event celebrating her 100th birthday as well as the 304th anniversary of the town of Westborough’s formation. (Photos/Jesse Kucewicz)

Select Board member Ian Johnson presented Bunny with a citation from the Select Board in addition to her pin, honoring her for her role in the growth of Westborough.

“People like Bunny are really what has made the town of Westborough what it is today,” Johnson said. “They are the ones who have seen it grow, seen the good and the bad, but really have stuck with it and made it a place that we all enjoy living in today.”

Dozens of community members, family and friends attended the ceremony, many with their own stories of Bunny.

“I’m overwhelmed,” Bunny said after receiving her pin. “It’s a treat to see so many people that I’ve known over the years, and overwhelmed is the only thing that I can say is the feeling.”

Bunny was born in Westborough and has lived in town for her entire life. Bunny spoke about how the town has changed, Nov. 18, and joked that it had grown too big for her.

“When I graduated High School there were only 57 kids in the class, and now there’s over 200, so it’s too big for me now,” she said. “But it’s a nice little friendly town and I’ve always loved it.”

Friends and family previously gathered at a separate early birthday party celebrating Perron back in September.

“Everyone should have an aunt like Bunny,” Kathleen Donley told the Community Advocate at the time. Donley is the wife of Perron’s nephew Richard Smith.

“[Bunny] is so smart, has such a long memory, is always upbeat, and kind to everyone,” she said.

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