COVID-19 vaccination rates lower among Marlborough 20-29 year olds, mayor says


Marlborough Mayor concerned with Phase two of vaccine rollout.MARLBOROUGH – Individuals ages 20 to 29 made up the only adult age group in Marlborough with a COVID-19 vaccination rate under an 80 percent as of Dec. 6, Mayor Arthur Vigeant said in a recent coronavirus update to the City Council.

“Everyone else is in real good shape, so they’re the ones that are kind of bringing us down
overall as far as the city goes, and they’re also the ones that right now are running positive in the city,” Vigeant said.

He noted that younger individuals ages 5 to 11, who only recently became eligible for the vaccine, were also below the 80 percent threshold, with a vaccination rate around 19 percent.

City Councilor Mark Oram reiterated Vigeant’s point, recommending that citizens listen to the suggestions of medical and public health professionals.

“Right now, when you look at the data on the 127 people that died in Marlborough from
COVID, the average age is 78,” Oram said. “So, you’re doing the people that are in the older age category a tremendous amount of effort by being conscious and cognizant of how this virus acts.”

Marlborough had 127 active coronavirus cases as of Dec. 6. Two days later, that number had jumped to 148 active cases. Marlborough also recorded an additional death due to COVID-19 between Dec. 6 and Dec. 8, according to Board of Health data, increasing the overall death toll due to the pandemic to 128.

These numbers further represent an increase from Vigeant’s last update to City Council on Nov. 22, when Marlborough had 104 active cases.

Marlborough’s positivity rate on Dec. 6 was 4.54 percent, representing an increase from 3.58 percent as of Nov. 22.

“[We’re] still doing pretty well compared to many around us, but we’re still seeing a little bit of a spike,” Vigeant said.

Vigeant said that Marlborough Hospital was currently treating six COVID-19 cases, with three of being breakthrough cases.

He also added that 31 students in the city’s school system have tested positive and are staying home, noting that the numbers are divided between Marlborough Public Schools, Assabet Valley Regional Technical High School and the Advanced Math and Science Academy. These numbers are down from the 34 cases that Vigeant reported on Nov. 22.

Vigeant said he anticipated the overall COVID-19 case rate among students to continue to drop as more students get vaccinated against COVID-19.

Vigeant said that there had been three vaccination clinics for children as of Dec. 6. He added that the first clinics for those students to receive second doses will be held on Dec. 11 and Dec. 22.

Vigeant continued, saying that Marlborough also has booster clinics, which are available by appointment only through the Board of Health’s website. Those are scheduled for Dec. 14 and Jan. 5 at Jericho Lodge at 496 Brigham Street.


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