Marlborough’s municipal inauguration planned for Monday


Marlborough’s municipal inauguration planned for Monday
Marlborough will hold its municipal inauguration at the Whitcomb Middle School on Monday morning. (Photo/Dakota Antelman)

MARLBOROUGH – The city of Marlborough will hold its municipal inauguration on Monday morning, Jan. 3, at Whitcomb Middle School.

Community members are invited to attend a reception at City Hall following the ceremonies.

The inauguration will take place at 10 a.m. at 1LT Charles W. Whitcomb Middle School at 25 Union Street in Marlborough.

It will open to the public.

The City Council will convene at noon following inaugural exercises to elect its president and vice president for the upcoming legislative term. The council will also adopt rules for the 2022-2023 session at that meeting.

Mayor Arthur Vigeant will be sworn in Monday for his sixth term after defeating challenger David Garceau in November’s municipal election on Nov. 2.

Members of the School Committee and the City Council will also take their oaths.

Marlborough’s municipal inauguration planned for Monday
Teona Brown (center) stands with others outside of the voting location at the Marlborough Senior Center during November’s municipal election. (Photo/Dakota Antelman)

While the School Committee’s makeup will remain unchanged, the inauguration will add a new name to the City Council when Teona Brown is officially sworn in as the new councilor for Ward Four.

She defeated longtime councilor Robert Tunnera on Nov. 2 and spoke with the Community Advocate on Nov. 4, saying she had already been in touch with Vigeant and the majority of her soon-to-be fellow City Councilors.

“I feel really supported,” she said. “I feel ready to just learn the role and I hope more residents want to participate and be active and vocal in local government by reaching out to me when they have questions and concerns about things.”

Brown will join City Council members Michael Ossing, Kathleen Robey, Mark Oram, Samantha Perlman, Laura Wagner, David Doucette, Christian Dumais, John Irish, Sean Navin and Donald Landers.

The School Committee includes Michelle Bodin-Hettinger, Daniel Caruso, Earl Geary, Katherine Hennessy, Heidi Matthews and Denise Ryan.


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