Shrewsbury e-sports teams celebrate state championships


Shrewsbury e-sports teams celebrate state championships
The Shrewsbury High School e-sports program is split into two teams, with one specializing in League of Legends competitions and the other focusing on Rocket League. (Photo/Dakota Antelman)

SHREWSBURY – Members of Shrewsbury High School’s (SHS) e-sports teams received their latest state championship trophies last week in a presentation at the high school. 

After forming in 2018, the SHS e-sports program has quickly found both success at the state level and support within its school community, faculty advisor Steve McKinstry told the Community Advocate. 

“The school picked it up pretty well back in 2018,” he said.

The teams play in two seasons each year, participating in varsity level competitions in the fall and the spring through the MSAA organization

All told, the SHS e-sports program has raked in six state championships for each of their two games since 2018. 

For McKinstry, this success comes as part of a program that greatly benefits its participants. 

“The interest has really spiked,” he said. “We have kids that are playing at home by themselves. So, it’s interesting to put them all together and get them to meet new friends and get the same attributes that you would see in other sports like teamwork, leadership, all that stuff.”

“These guys might not be playing football or basketball or anything. But they’re getting the same type of benefit that those kids are,” McKinstry continued.

The program fielded nine players for this past fall season. They further broke off into two teams specializing in their specific games. Those include Rocket League and League of Legends.

Moving forward, McKinstry said the program plans to add a Super Smash Bros team in the spring with an eye for growth in a sport that continues to expand locally, regionally and internationally. 

“It’s good stuff,” he said. “It’s exciting.”


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