All-girls Scouts BSA troop forms in Shrewsbury

Gwen Molina is the scoutmaster for Troop 7114.

SHREWSBURY – Troop 7114, Shrewsbury’s first all-girls Scouts BSA troop, held its first meeting on Tuesday, marking a milestone for both troop members and the Shrewsbury BSA community. 

“I think a big piece I am so excited about for this is the opportunities it provides to young girls,” Troop 7114 Scoutmaster Gwen Molina said in a recent interview with the Community Advocate. “I couldn’t do it when I was a teenager.”


New troop to collaborate with existing Troop 114

The national Scouts BSA organization completed a shift back in 2019 that involved changing its name from Boy Scouts of America and welcoming girls into the organization. 

Rick Spurr, the committee chair for Troop 114, an all-boys troop, is also serving as committee chair for the newly-formed Troop 7114. Spurr believes his success with Troop 114 can be translated to Troop 7114, noting that his troop of 85 active members speaks to the value of this program. 

“It’s a chance to experience things they may have never experienced,” said Spurr. “The skills we are going to teach and lessons they’ll learn will probably be unavailable elsewhere.” 

Both troops received their charter from Shrewsbury’s First Congregational Church, where they plan to meet in tandem. Molina and Spurr plan to use the experience of Troop 114 to help develop Troop 7114 into a stronger group. 

“For the time being, we’re gonna ride the rails of the existing one,” said Spurr. “It will put us in a much better scouting position.”

Troop 7114 plans to offer similar programming to Troop 114, with leadership and personal development activities through monthly camping trips and community service. 

Spurr reassures parents that the organization will remain inclusive, even if a scout’s family has financial hardships.

“We will work to support that in the form of scholarships, discounted fees or waiving fees in extreme circumstances,” said Spurr. “We do not want money to be a barrier.”

Girl Scouts continue presence in town

Troop 7114 had over 20 adult leaders sign up to help lead trips and mentor scouts as of last week.

The Girl Scouts of the USA, not to be confused with all-girls troops of Scouts BSA, still maintains a presence in Shrewsbury through a number of programs in town. 

Both organizations remain staunchly committed to community service. 

Girls who join both and attain the highest rank in each organization will become what Spurr refers to as “Golden Eagles.” 

Eagle is the highest rank in Scouts BSA while a Gold Award is given to girls who reach the highest rank in Girl Scouts. 

Other all-girls BSA troops mark milestones

Shrewsbury’s new all-girls BSA troop joins other similar groups in the area, including Troop 823 in Northborough. 

That troop formed shortly after BSA announced its plan to include girls in its programming.

Last year, Northborough’s Eleanor Stalcup made history as the town’s first female eagle scout, joining the nation’s inaugural class of female eagle scouts after fulfilling requirements as a member of Troop 823.

Learn more about Troop 7114 through their website at


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