Southborough Fire Department asks residents to keep hydrants clear of ice, snow


Southborough Fire Department asks residents to keep hydrants clear of ice, snowSOUTHBOROUGH – The Southborough Fire Department is asking community members to adopt a hydrant.

The initiative reminds residents to keep fire hydrants clear of ice and snow during the winter. This will increase accessibility to hydrants when fire departments need them.

The Southborough Fire Department noted in a recent flyer that hydrants that are not cleared become hidden in the event of an emergency. Once they are located, it can take firefighters over five minutes to clear them for use. 

“Time spent by firefighters searching for and clearing hydrants buried in deep snow, drifts, or plowed snow or covered in ice, is precious time lost that could be spent saving a victim’s life or extinguishing a spreading fire,” the department noted .

Residents who choose to participate are asked to clear snow in a radius of at least three feet in all directions around a hydrant after storms. 

They’re also asked to clear weeds and shrubbery from the area around hydrants during the summer months. 

Community members should report any issues to the Department of Public Works.

Those clearing hydrants are encouraged to take photos and share them by either sending them to the Fire Department through their Facebook page or emailing them to [email protected].

Southborough is hardly the only community asking its residents to help maintain access to fire hydrants. 

Throughout the region, departments have asked community members to dig out hydrants near their homes or businesses whenever possible. 

“We need your help good citizens of Shrewsbury!” the Shrewsbury Fire Department wrote in one social media post earlier this month. “Please shovel out your closest fire hydrant!”


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