Main Street Bank launches video banking technology  


Main Street Bank launches video banking technology  REGION – Main Street Bank recently announced its newest video banking service – Main Street Video Connect. 

This service, available on the bank’s website and on mobile devices, allows users to meet face-to-face with a banker, separated only by their screens. 

Customers can use Video Connect for a large variety of banking tasks, such as opening accounts, checking balances, initiating wires, asking questions, and much more. 

Main Street Bank is among the first financial institutions in the local market area to offer live video banking to the public. It noted in a recent press release that the decision to offer this technology is fueled by a high demand for digital convenience paired with the value of personal and secure interaction.

“The platform allows customers to have a secure, face-to-face interaction with their banker, without the constraints of a physical location,” said Video Connect virtual branch manager Maria L. Nephew. “It is a banking channel whose time has come!” 

Fraud – and money people have lost as a result – has been growing exponentially throughout the past years. 

It is more important than ever, Main Street Bank notes, to take all measures to safeguard any financial and personal information. 

As such, video banking services like Video Connect can be used to accurately identify users and verify information. 

“This provides greater convenience for consumers while maintaining a highly secure environment,” the bank said in its press release. 

Main Street Bank is confident that this tool will cater to all kinds of consumers to best suit their banking styles. 

To use Main Street Bank’s Video Connect video banking service, visit


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