Grateful senior citizens in Hudson


Letter to the Editor logoWe want to publicly thank the Hudson Fire Department for the services provided to the senior residents living here at the Esplanade Condo Association on Main Street. 

911 response times for emergency service at all hours of the day and night have been excellent over the 15 years we’ve been here.

Since 2016, the Senior S.A.F.E. (Senior Awareness of Fire Education) Grant Awards have provided some funding for the HFD to come on site to change smoke detector batteries for seniors who are unable to safely climb ladders. 

In December 2021 alone, the HFD changed batteries in 60 units here at the Esplanade! 

A loud shout out to HFD Chief Bryan Johannes, Lt. Stephen Weaver, Lt. Brian Harrington, and the numerous pleasant FF’s that have come on site here to willingly help us be safe.

We also would like to thank Rep. Kate Hogan for the vital role she plays in the Senior S.A.F.E. Grant legislation.  Kate has always stood tall for seniors in her district! She has an ongoing positive relationship with the Council on Aging and the Hudson Senior Center led by Director Janice Long and her talented staff. 

I’m an 80-year-old senior, and am glad my younger wife (not by much) and I live in Hudson and at the Esplanade. 

On behalf of the Esplanade Board of Trustees,

Ernie Kapopoulos, BOT member.


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