Podiatry office keeps patients on solid footing 


By Jeff Theodore, Contributing Writer

Did you know that by the time you reach 50 years old, you will have used your feet to walk more than 75,000 miles?  

That results in plenty of wear and tear on the feet that podiatrists Anthony Tickner and Steven Quan examine. 

Through their robust practice at Associated Foot Specialists offices in Holden and Hudson, Tickner and Quan treat hundreds of patients who arrive seeking relief from issues ranging from hammertoe and bunions to more extreme situations requiring advanced wound care and reconstructive surgery.

Podiatry office keeps patients on solid footing 
Anthony Tickner is a podiatrist and founder of Associated Foot Specialists.

“We see an array of people,” Tickner said in a recent interview. “Our philosophy is to always be empathetic, caring and kind, and to listen to the person in front of us to get a sense of why they’re coming to the office.

“It’s important to really listen,” he said. 

Podiatrists take unique paths to position

Tickner, who also serves as medical director at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Worcester, opened the Associated Foot Specialists practice in Hudson back in 2007. After a doctor in Holden had retired, Tickner took over his business and decided to convert it into Associated Foot Specialists’ main office. 

Quan, hired as an associate doctor for the practice six months ago, now serves as primary podiatrist in the Hudson office. 

Tickner and Quan both received their doctoral degrees from the New York College of Podiatric Medicine but found themselves pursuing careers in the field via different paths.

Tickner was a chemist before entering the medical field. He then intended to go into sports medicine. 

“However, the people I shadowed in podiatry were some of the nicest people in the world, so that’s how I ended up where I am,” Tickner said.

He completed advanced wound healing training at the prestigious Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons.  

 As for Quan, he was diagnosed with flat feet as a child and became fascinated by the work of his podiatrist.  

Podiatry office keeps patients on solid footing 
Steven Quan is a board-certified wound specialist physician serving patients at Associated Foot Specialists in Hudson.

“That inspired me to enter the field,” he said.

Quan has been board certified as a wound specialist physician by the American Board of Wound Management. 

Practices innovate in podiatry care

Tickner said his practice has been incorporating new advancements such as skin grafting, digital x-rays and a procedure called lapiplasty, which treats the root cause of bunion deformity. 

Meanwhile, Quan says most of the patients he’s seen have had diabetic issues. He advises them not to seek medical advice online because it will only scare them. 

“I tell people to always inspect their feet,” Quan says. “Put a mirror on the floor and hover your feet over it to see if there are wounds or lesions. And if you see a wound that is scaly, don’t peel it because that is a sitting duck for infection if it isn’t taken care of.” 

If he wasn’t a podiatrist, Tickner said he would be a professional dad to his two young sons, ages 8 and 11. Quan would have sought out a career as a medical researcher.  

“But researching would have been really boring compared to what I’m doing now,” Quan continued.  “With podiatry, you’re able to solve problems, use your knowledge and feel very appreciated after solving the problem.” 

Podiatrist proud of community reputation

Tickner said he’s proud of the reliable reputation his business has built through the years. 

“We’re always available to help the community,” he said. “We don’t believe in wait times and try to get patients in as soon as they call.” 

Learn more about Associated Foot Specialists at masspodiatrists.com. Those interested can also call the Hudson office at (978) 562-2155 or the Holden office at (508) 829-6645.

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