Marlborough Public Schools’ social media reaches beyond the city


Marlborough Public Schools’ social media reaches beyond the cityMARLBOROUGH – The Marlborough Public Schools has expanded its social media outreach in recent years. 

Communications coordinator Jill Morin explained how she’s helped make that happen, last week, in a presentation to the School Committee on Feb. 8.

Morin has created digital content for the school district since June 2018. That tenure has overlapped, in part, with the pandemic and the need for alternative forms of content that it has brought about.

“These videos are reaching well beyond Marlborough Public Schools, which is awesome,” Morin said. “I think it’s really important for Marlborough Public Schools to be an example to other districts.” 

Marlborough operates a number of school social media pages, including accounts on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even TikTok. 

The district’s Facebook page alone has racked up 1,320 new followers since 2020, reaching over 238,000 individuals, according to Morin. 

She has worked with student organizations to promote upcoming events, scholarships and announcements using this expanding audience. 

By tagging student organizations within posts, Morin added that the district can help announcements reach a larger audience within minutes as students share among their peers. 

“From a student perspective, this is all very exciting and I do agree we should be leaning into this,” said School Committee student representative Hattie Parker. “In class, we’re all so excited to look at the stories”

Moving forward, the Marlborough Public Schools hope to expand digital offerings by featuring departments in tutorials to create a more inclusive and accessible offering for its students. 

“What we really want to do is continue to build our MPS digital library,” Morin said. “We want to be strategic about what type of content we’re sharing that is going to reach our students, parents, communities and beyond.” 

Morin’s social media efforts were praised by School Committee members for expanding into larger opportunities for the district, such as the tutorials during pandemic-induced remote learning and Morin’s recordings of events, such as Marlborough High School’s winter concert. 

“This is amazing,” committee member Katherine Hennessy said of Morin’s work particularly at that concert. “They loved the depth of what you had actually done [for the concert]. You brought it to life for them.” 


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