Marlborough considers raising pay for parking enforcement officers 


Marlborough considers raising pay for parking enforcement officers 
A proposed rule change would pay parking enforcement officers $25 per hour in Marlborough. (Photo/Ben Domaingue)

MARLBOROUGH – Marlborough may soon raise its pay rate for parking enforcement officers. 

The discussion comes after Marlborough’s previous officer opted to leave the city for another position with a higher wage, according to a memo sent to the City Council by Mayor Arthur Vigeant.

Parking enforcement officers had previously been paid up to $18 an hour, the same rate as city crossing guards. This proposed rule change would up that rate to $25 per hour. 

“It’ll be interesting to see where we go with that,” said Councilor Mark Oram during a Feb. 14 City Council meeting.

Vigeant wrote in his memo that the city has continued to post the parking enforcement position with little success. 

Vigeant noted that he does want to continue to advertise the position and expedite the process of issuing this raise, noting inefficiency in the salary change process. 

“The city’s approval process regarding changes to positions in staffing is time consuming and inefficient,” Vigeant wrote. “I would like to work collaboratively with the City Council to update our outdated ordinance for staffing efficiency.” 

Vigeant said that filling the position will assist Main Street business owners to provide “adequate levels” of street parking and aid the Marlborough Police Department in properly enforcing parking regulations. 

This matter was referred to the financial committee on Feb. 14. The committee will discuss the amended rate. 


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