‘Say no to billboard blight!’


Letter to the Editor logoSay no to billboard blight!

Who has ever driven along a road or highway and thought to themselves, “Hmm, I wish I had 8 or 12 more huge light billboards distracting me from paying attention to the road and fouling up what little beauty of the natural world that is still visible along the roadside?” Please come to Town Meeting and stand with me against the horrible idea of allowing the billboards along 495 and the Mass Pike. 

Those that can charge rent for these potential monstrosities knew when they purchased the land that the placement of billboards was not allowed; thus, the attempt to push for a rezoning warrant. We all know that more blight upon the landscape although it would enrich a tiny few via payments in rent and distant companies who change for the rotation (up to 12 every minute) in ads. Yet we also know they would add to light pollution, the emittance of carbon through the running of these eyesores 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, we all know that potential natural habitats would be trampled and the amount of light pollution would be increased. What was not mentioned in the 2/11 Community Advocate article is why? Why build these? If there is some justification it sure needs to be balanced out with the very real downsides mentioned here. Does anyone reading this article think that it is worth the ugliness to be told (probably for the 10th time that day) that Dunkin’s pumpkin latte is back? 

Please speak up against scarring our landscape with billboards. Westborough is better off saying no to this idea and keeping our small piece of America as beautiful as we can.

Eric Waite


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