Westborough resident celebrates 109th birthday


Dorothy Guenon received a special citation from the state in recognition of her 109th birthday late last month. (Photo/Submitted)

WESTBOROUGH – The Beaumont at Westborough celebrated the milestone 109th birthday of resident Dorothy Guenon late last month. 

Born in 1913, Guenon grew up in Pennsylvania as one of fourteen children. She worked as a nurse before marrying Dr. William Guenon. 

She enjoyed hosting dinner parties in the home she shared with William and would listen to the opera on weekends. 

She then joined a chorus group in 1980 after William passed away. More than 40 years later, that same group honored Guenon with stacks of birthday cards mailed to her current home at the Beaumont.

Guenon has lived at the Beaumont for the past three years. 

Initially celebrating her birthday in a private room with family members, Guenon enjoyed a separate event later in the day on Feb. 21 with fellow residents and staff.

“It’s not every day that someone turns 109, and when they do, everyone wants to be part of the celebration,” a message from the Beaumont noted.


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