Marlborough continues school superintendent search process


MARLBOROUGH – The search for a successor to Marlborough Public Schools Superintendent Michael Bergeron took a step forward earlier this month when the Marlborough School Committee formally created its search committee.

The School Committee previously discussed the makeup and charge of the committee at a workshop on Feb. 1.

It then voted to create the committee and issue its charge on March 8.

School Committee finalizes search committee

The search committee will consist of three School Committee members, identified as Mayor Arthur Vigeant, and members Dan Caruso and Denise Ryan.

All School Committee members had been interested in participating, according to minutes from that Feb. 1 workshop meeting.

As a result, members drew names to select Vigeant, Caruso and Ryan.

Two teachers, a school administrator, a parent and a city administrator are also represented on the search committee.

This committee will be charged with screening and interviewing candidates to deliver a recommendation of finalists.

Bergeron announcement began process

This process kicked off earlier this year with an announcement by Bergeron that he plans to leave Marlborough at the end of the current school year.

Bergeron made this news public in a School Committee meeting on Jan. 11.

He then told the Community Advocate that he was leaving to take a new position with an independent game publisher in New Hampshire, known as Tabletop Tycoon.

School Committee members subsequently discussed their process and priorities for selecting a new superintendent on Feb. 1, acknowledging that many districts are looking for a superintendent at this time, according to minutes.

The committee did not want an “intergalactic search” and voiced a preference for candidates within Massachusetts.

The committee also did not want “someone who wants to start all over again” and emphasized a need for experience in financial management.

A job description was posted following that meeting.

Now, moving forward, applications will go through an initial round of review by Director of Human Resources Patricia Brown to ensure candidates meet prerequisite qualifications and hold proper licenses.

They’ll then go to the search committee, which will consider individuals.


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