GoFundMe fundraiser seeks to raise money for MHS student’s new wheelchair


Lucas Ramos (left) is a student at Marlborough High School. (Photo/submitted)

MARLBOROUGH – A Marlborough resident has started a GoFundMe campaign to raise money to buy a new wheelchair to help his brother, who has Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD), move more independently.

DMD is a progressive degenerative disease that causes muscles to get gradually weaker over time. While there is no cure for DMD, its symptoms and related complications can be managed.

Isaac Tintori recently told the Community Advocate that his brother, Marlborough High School (MHS) freshman Lucas Ramos, was diagnosed when he was two years old. Ramos’ current wheelchair, though, is not automated and requires him to either roll himself or have people around to move him.

“The [new] wheelchair would actually help out a lot in just being more independent in general,” Tintori said. “He basically wouldn’t have to have someone with him all the time.”

Tintori added that the new, automated wheelchair could help Ramos in other ways as well, saying that it can be difficult for Ramos to be himself when there is always someone around him helping with his current wheelchair.

Tintori described Ramos as a kind-hearted kid with good intentions. He said his brother can be quiet and keep to himself, but has nothing bad to say about anyone and never complains about anything.

“He’s just a lovely kid to be honest,” Tintori said. 

The GoFundMe has a goal of $30,000. Tintori said that he has been impressed with its success to date, raising close to $10,000 as of April 4.

Tintori also said that a few people had reached out to him after he started the GoFundMe page to talk about their own loved ones’ experiences with DMD and to share their own GoFundMe pages. Tintori said he would update the GoFundMe for Lucas with links and references to those other pages. 

Learn more about Lucas Ramos and contribute to his GoFundMe by visiting https://gofund.me/efc744d0