Algonquin track and field team to host fundraiser for uniforms


Algonquin track and field team to host fundraiser for uniforms
Algonquin’s athletics fields fan out behind Algonquin Regional High School. (Photo/Tami White)

NORTHBOROUGH – The Algonquin Regional High School track and field team is planning a “fund run” to raise money for new uniforms and equipment later this month. 

The Fund Run will seek to raise $10,000 through two packages for runners and walkers.

“Our uniforms represent our spirit and commitment to Algonquin,” the team wrote in a press release. “They are the opening statement to other schools that we have a passion for running and are serious about this sport.”

The runner package will consist of a 5K race over the rock-covered trails around the Algonquin campus, with minor elevation. It will cost $15 to participate. The walker package will be a 1-mile scenic walk through trails behind the school. It will cost $10. 

This comes a matter of weeks after Algonquin finalized its decision to retire its “Tomahawk” mascot in favor of the “Titan.”

School officials have noted that the transition to the new branding will take time and money as programs phase out uniforms and other branded equipment, among other things.

The track and field team wrote that their rebranding for the uniforms exceeds the school’s expense limit, though, prompting the need for this fundraiser. They added they will also use proceeds to support efforts to upgrade Algonquin’s track.

“If you choose not to participate in any event, we still ask you to show up and bring that Algonquin pride as you cheer on every race,” the team wrote.

The run will have a concession stand where guests can buy food and drinks. There will also be prizes and a raffle after the race.

The Fund Run is scheduled for Saturday, April 23 from 1 to 3 p.m.

Those interested in registering can do so by visiting

This is just one of two upcoming events, with the track and field team also getting set to host a free meet-and-greet designed for middle school students interested in high school sports. That event will take place at the high school track entrance from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. on Friday, April 22.

“Everyone will be instructed and have the opportunity to meet state and regional champions and the fantastic coaching staff at ARHS,” the team wrote.

The meet and greet will begin with a meeting introducing student volunteers and describing the events that attendees can try out.

The team wrote that attendees should come dressed with the weather in mind, and with the knowledge that they will be exercising.

“This event is open to all ages, and we encourage parents and adults to participate, as this is a unique opportunity to see this sport firsthand,” the team wrote.


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